TT 06 - Distributed and networked control and automation systems

Track Chairs

Niels Lohse, Loughborough University, UK and  Chen-Wei Yang, Lulea Tekniska Universitet, Sweden and  Alois Zoitl, Linz University, Austria


The track focuses on work related to distributed and networked control and automation systems. We encourage submissions from academia and industry related to the topics described below.

Topics under this track include (but not limited to)

  • Model-Driven Development and its application to automation systems (UML, SysML, ...)
  • Domain-Specific Modeling and Programming Languages (IEC 61131, IEC 61499, ...)
  • IT Modeling Techniques (Object - Orientation, Components, Agents, Service-Oriented Architectures, ...) for Automation Systems
  • Toolchains, Platforms, and Frameworks for Software Design and Development
  • Web-of-Things for monitoring and control
  • Performance Analysis
  • System Design and Architecture
  • Self-Configurable and self-recovery Systems
  • Control over Real-Time Ethernet Networks
  • Distributed Architectures for Adaptive Systems
  • Edge/Cloud Computing Architectures for Automation Systems