TT 07 - Industrial digitalization, digital twins in industrial applications

Track Chairs

Seppo Sierla, Aalto University, Finland


The track will focus on research for novel solutions, methodologies, and technologies used in the digitilisation of company processes and workflows, as well as the introduction and use of digital twins in simulations, control, verification and testing. Reports on results and insights gained during the practical application and use of digital twins, as well as efforts to increase company digitilisation, are also welcome.

Topics under this track include (but not limited to)

  • Technologies and Standards for Digitalisation and Digital Twins
  • Digital Twin Applications and Technologies
  • Simulations and Digital Twins
  • Verification and Testing with the help of Digital Twins
  • Digital Twins in the context of Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Cloud/Edge Industrial Data Analytics
  • Migration of technologies and industry systems
  • Digitalisation Tools and Technologies
  • Empirical Use-Cases
  • Challenges, visions and roadmaps for industrial digitalisation
  • Digital Transformation Strategies, Change Management & Education
  • IoT Infrastructures and technologies for Digital Twin applications
  • Use of Machine Learning in the context of Digital Twins and
  • Industrial Digitalisation
  • Big data in Industrial Digitalisation
  • Application and definition of ontologies for industrial digitalisation
  • Digital twins for brownfield plants and retrofits