TT 11 - Technologies, infrastructures and applications for smart grids, buildings, cities and smart cities

Track Chairs

Federico Baronti, Università di Pisa, Italy and  Kim Fung Tsang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Smart Infrastructure is tremendously sophisticated, embracing all people and an enormous number of devices, networks, systems, and applications. The management of the smart infrastructures becomes challenging. In this track, the emerging cyber-physical infrastructure, next generation networks, cybersecurity, machine learning, etc., are interested. Researchers are invited to propose and share contributions in this discipline.

Topics under this track include (but not limited to)

  • City infrastructure, cyber-physical infrastructure
  • Next generation networks, satellite communication and 5G applications
  • Robotics, UAV and smart X applications
  • Edge computing, big Data, analytics, and green computing
  • Energy and buildings, advanced sustainable buildings
  • Smart harbors, smart environment, smart mobility
  • Smart health care, smart hospital, smart elderly
  • Cyber security, blockchain, smart contracts and data privacy
  • Machine learning, data mining and optimization in power and energy systems
  • Emerging technologies in smart energy systems, end-user systems
  • Microgrids, smart and sustainable grids, and virtual power plants
  • Grid resiliency, reliability, stability and protection
  • Interoperability of Energy Technology and Information Technology
  • Demand response system, flexibility, energy markets and New energy services
  • Integration, control, and management of distributed energy resources
  • Energy distribution and controlling system
  • Wide area automation technology in smart city and smart grid
  • Quality of services in smart city and smart grid
  • Simulation, evaluation, and optimization of energy systems