TT 04 - System and software engineering, runtime intelligence

Track Chairs

David Hästbacka, Tampere University, Finland and  Roopak Sinha, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand


Large and complex Industrial Automation systems have become increasingly dominated by software. We invite novel research in all phases of the system/software development lifecycle with an additional focus on runtime intelligence.

Topics under this track include (but not limited to)

  • Requirements engineering-elicitation, specification, analysis, management
  • System architectures for industrial automation systems
  • Software architectures for industrial automation systems
  • Application-level or reference architectures for sub-domains like factory, building, packaging and production systems
  • Design-level concerns and strategies for industrial automation systems
  • Development of industrial software including tools, patterns and processes
  • Co-design and development of hardware/software aspects of industrial automation systems
  • Context-aware industrial automation systems-design and development
  • All paradigms for developing intelligent industrial automation systems, including machine learning/artificial intelligence, and model-based approaches
  • Testing of industrial automation systems-test-driven development, testing strategies, integration and system-level testing, early testing methods
  • Model-checking and verification techniques for industrial automation systems
  • Deployment of industrial automation systems - DevOps, configuration management, dynamic reconfiguration, fault management, diagnostics
  • Hybrid clouds and cloud-edge flexibility in industrial automation systems
  • Fog technologies in intelligent automation systems
  • Runtime monitoring and verification of industrial automation systems
  • Model-driven engineering in intelligent automation systems
  • Product lines and feature-oriented development of industrial automation systems