Future Industrial Sensing: The Role of Vision and Touch

Special Session Organized by

Dermot Kerr, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK and  Sonya Coleman, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK

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Vision and touch sensing has established itself as a prime contributor towards sustenance and accelerated growth of industrial automation. The goal of this special session is to provide a discussion forum on the future of industrial sensing systems and applications in order to cross share recent developments, challenges and new research trends. The growth of vision and touch sensing systems, such as neuromorphic vision sensors, high resolution tactile sensors, hyperspectral imaging and 3D sensing technologies opens a wide range of new applications that in turn raise significant industrial challenges that need to be addressed. The special session will focus on state of the art research, what challenges need to be overcome and how these sensing technologies have a role to play in industrial settings. The special session will bring together both end-users and researchers involved in industrial oriented research projects to share the latest research in sensing related topics. It is expected that the special session will contribute to the bridging of the gap between industry needs and research activities, both pointing towards research challenges and high impact applications scenarios and to this end we welcome both original research articles and review articles.

Topics under this session include (but not limited to)

  • Machine Vision and Video Processing
  • Tactile, Haptic and Force Sensing
  • Neuromorphic Vision
  • Hyperspectral Sensing
  • Depth Sensing Technologies
  • Feature Analysis and Understanding
  • Robotic Sensing
  • Integrated Sensing systems
  • Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
  • Industrial automation
  • Adaptable automated guiding, inspection and sorting
  • Quality inspection and control